Kew Bridge Steam Museum – pre-wedding meeting

Yesterday I met in Hampden House, which I thought was an amazing venue, which will be hard to beat… and today I met David, grom to be, to discuss details about their wedding in Kew Bridge Steam Museum

The museum is the most unusual venue for a wedding reception. Emily and David will allow me plenty of time on the day, but I have enough inspiration for hours and hours of shooting, with all the steam engines, gigantic spanners and other accessories and tools.

yet again picture from my Blackberry, so quality is not quite there ;o)

I see a lot of people searching for The Kew Bridge Steam Museum wedding is looking at this post, so please bear with me, the pictures from the wedding are coming soon, hopefully by the end of September, so came back soon!

Hampden house pre-wedding meeting

Today I visited The Hampden House together with Richard, groom to be. I captured the beautiful venue only with my blackberry, but it still looks stunning, I can’t wait to point my proper camera at the venue ;o)

Lisa & Richard, thank you for choosing this outstanding venue!