My son was born

Hi readers, my world  has changed on Monday 5th August, at 16:31 my first baby, son Oliver was born, weighing 1.9kg and measuring 39cm. Both Oliver and mum are well.

I think this is not new era for me as a father but as well as a baby photographer, as I’ll have my own model, always available to pose ;o)

See below how cute he is!

all pictures were taken with my point’n’shoot Pentax MX-1 camera, I’ll take big camera into hospital soon too ;o)

Family portraits

Today I had a lot of fun whilst taking picture of family with 3 small boys ;o)

Family portraits – kids portraits

Today was my studio busiest ever – buzzing with kids giggle. I do not remember having so many “models” in my studio, including parents and grandparents it was over 10 people in my small studio – pretty busy. The brief was to achieve nice fun family portraits of and I think the brief was delivered.