Takový trochu jiný “Photo-booth”

Když už si novomanželé na sobotní svatbu na ranchi Saint Anthony neobjednali tradiční “Photo-Booth” tak jsem se rozhodl trochu zaimprovizovat a místo nekonečného bílého pozadí použít nekonečně hlubokou oblohu nad ranchem… a našlo se i pár odvážných tatínků a dětiček 🙂

No posuďte sami, jsou toto nudné svatební fotografie?

na ranchi Saint Anthony

na ranchi Saint Anthony

na ranchi Saint Anthony

na ranchi Saint Anthony

na ranchi Saint Anthony

na ranchi Saint Anthony

na ranchi Saint Anthony

na ranchi Saint Anthony

The Sinners LoungeThe Sinners Lounge

This is not one of the usual portrait sessions I’d do, as it was a bit more challenging… portraits of a band, which should be taken in small, badly lit rehearsal room in Denmark studios in Maidenhead – http://www.room2music.co.uk/

The band is the up and comming “The Sinners Lounge” – https://www.facebook.com/thesinnerslounge

One of their videos – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOKAMXljU-Y

The challenge was a lack of light and cluttered background, so I took my studio lights and created my own lighting in the room. The results are great!

One of the pictures which was uploaded on band’s facebook profile was used by one fan to create this “artwork” ;o) – looks great too!

L’Oreal Colour trophy regional finalL’Oreal Colour trophy regional final

Yes, we did it again!

The Salon Identity team pictures made it into regional final. I’d like to hope part of the success is thanks to my pictures ;o)

Helen & model Alex got into the Men’s image regional final

Gemma & model Julia made it into the Colour trophy regional final

I wish all the best to the identity team in the south region final!

The Shodement agency – rapper Diz Dice

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet in my studio raising star of Rap music scene  – Diz Dice, represented by the Shodement agency –  http://www.shodement.com/. I was asked by the agency to create some portraits of Dice for his website and other PR material.. we had a great fun in the studio and outside, as the weather was kind and we were able to take few snaps on playground near the studio. Thanks Dice!

PS: you can see some of his songs here

Nude art shoot in Czech Republic

And finally I uploaded the video from my last shoot in the Czech Republic with Stana & Veronika

nude art photoshoot from Milan on Vimeo.

Some pictures from the day…

scam or miracle?

This is not really linked to wedding photography too much, but as most weddings I photographed the bride and groom already had kids or had them soon after their wedding I thought I would mention this baby calming app for iOS and Android. Apparently this app will make 98% of babies fall asleep very fast. So if you do not know how to calm your baby you can try this app, and let here comment with your feedback 😉 I did not test this myself.

Link to the app home page: babydozewombsound.com

Fitness shoot

Today I was asked by my friend – personal trainer Simona to snap few pictures for her online profile and posters. It was just a quick shoot with a dump bell in my home studio but I’m very pleased with the result.

Berkshire Wedding Photographer

A professional wedding photography professional will shoot everything like the events, emotions and places in the best possible manner. He will not miss even a single important thing and capture all crucial moments of the wedding including smile, hugs, tears, church ceremonies, important guests, jokes, wedding cakes, bride and groom group shots, post and pre-marriage ceremony and more.

I am professional wedding photographer with years of experience and expertise in wedding photography. I believe the key to successful wedding images is feeling relaxed, being friendly with the guests and capturing every crucial moment using your true photographic vision. I always use high quality cameras and images tools to provide my clients with the best possible photographs within budget.  I am a people’s photographer and love meeting people who can choose me to be their photographer on that special day. I feel proud to offer not just affordable wedding photography services, but also baby photography, fashion photography, family portraits, wedding photography or anything in photography.

I am a full time professional wedding photographer based in Berkshire. I just follow professional and unobtrusive approach to deliver beautiful photographs, which you and your guests will for sure love a lot. I am well-known for unique signature style and my work has been appreciated in many prestigious magazines popular in US and UK. I am very familiar with most wedding venues in Berkshire, which provide me a huge scope to create stunning wedding photos that tell the story of your special day. I offer my photography services in Berkshire, London as well as many other parts of the UK.

Wedding Photography Samples

Over the last years, I have captured hundreds of weddings. I have traveled to different parts of the UK for photography assignments. Here I provide some samples of weddings photography. Just check out.

My Journey as a Professional Wedding Photographer

Weddings are special events and that is why I put in lots of hard work and efforts to provide my brides and grooms with the best possible photography. I love people and shooting their photos. I like to be a part of someone’s special day and reach on time being a true professional. Recently, I was capturing Claire & Karl’s wedding when a gray haired person came to me and asked: What makes great and soulful marriage photographs? Well, it is your love, hard work and passion that encourage shooting the best photos. Photography that believes in capturing unique nature and personality of the bride or groom, their emotions, their personal connection, their journey through the day will deliver the best.

Important Message to Aspiring Wedding Photographers

As an experienced photographer, I feel that one needs to documents couple’s journey, their story, love, emotion, fun, tear, hugs and important scenes of church and lovely images of brides and groom getting dressed, without missing  any single crucial moment.  If someone works that way, I bet, he/she will be able to shoot unique images. I started shooting weddings for friends and relatives and quickly fell in love with wedding photography. It was very difficult to set up this type of business. It was not easy to get accepted and know how to talk to clients, build a website and start blogging. But I loved the moments and the challenges, worked under huge pressure and successfully dealt with ups and downs.

And I have done all this because it was my dream to be the best wedding photographer. I always love learning new things. You cannot just copy what everybody is doing, since you are selling yourself and your art, your time, talent and skills; you need to be very reliable professional. You need to be happy, caring, emotional, hard working, friendly, social and talkative to taste the success. Remember, during the peak season you will be working nonstop for long hours, but you will be your own boss. Though there are times of high pressure and stress in wedding photography, I am enjoying improving my skills, creating the best pictures and building my reputation.  I find photography a rewarding career.

Early this month, I met couple to be Marie & James at Marriott Hanbury Manor in Ware and talked about their marriage details. I am looking forward to taking more great wedding photographs and creating that gorgeous imagery full of emotion ahead.  I will soon post some of best pictures of weddings coming my way this year. Watch out for my next wedding pictures within few days.