Svatba na ranchi Saint Anthony – Lucie a Honza

V sobotu jsem fotil svojí první Českou svatbu, a hned to byla svatba velmi speciální – svatba mojí sestry 🙂

Obřad i následná oslava byly na nádherném ranchi Saint Anthony uprostřed krásné přírody. Přesto, že svatba byla uprostřed srpna, tak okolní vegetace byla krásně zelená – několik dní a hodin před svatbou vytrvale pršelo. Naštěstí v den obřadu se počasí umoudřilo a pršet přestalo, zůstaly pouze krásné těžké mraky, které tak dobře vypadají na fotkách. Jako fotograf jsem si nemohl stěžovat 🙂

Obřad byl uprostřed louky, fotilo se na seníku, ve stáji i v koňském sedle. Ranch nabízel nespočet lokací na focení, takže práce pro mne byla i zábavou!

Prozatím jedna ukázka.

svatba Lucie a Jan

Lucko a Honzo, ať vám to klape!

Pokračování příště…

Jo & Yann wedding in WindsorJo & Yann svatba ve Windsoru

Jo & Yann booked for their wedding a day at the end of March, hoping the weather would be kind… well, it was not as hot as in the previous year on that day.

Both the bride & groom were getting ready in the Macdonald Windsor hotel just opposite of the Windsor Guilhall where the wedding ceremony took place in early afternoon.

I took few pictures of beautiful bride Jo in her room, snapped cheeky selfie in the hotel lift and guest having few drinks at the hotel bar. Just to explain, Jo was born in Scotland and Yann in France, so of course Yann was wearing a kilt as a courtesy to bride’s family.


The wedding ceremony was in beautiful of guildhall, thanks to grey day I was battling with a lack of light … as on most weddings.

The dinner and evening party was in fantastic Waterside Inn restaurant in Bray

wedding dress tipsDoporuceni pro vyber svatebnich satu

This article “10 Reasons Your Wedding Dress Looks Cheap” by Marie Claire really caught my eye. I’ve copied the text and pictures just in case the link stops working in the future.

Especially the first point makes photographer’s life difficult – too white dress!

1. It’s too white.
Bright, optic white can be a tough color to pull off. A lot of the details that make the dress special can end up getting lost, especially in photos, and the overall look can start to feel graphic and harsh, instead of soft and romantic.
Consider choosing a soft white, like ivory or cream, over pure white. And don’t buy into the whole “wedding dresses have to be white” thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with incorporating color into your wedding look, whether all over or only as an accent.

Images via Getty, Reem Acra

2. It’s made with low-quality, synthetic fabrics and/or cheap, machine-made lace.
Wedding dresses, especially the ball-gown variety, require a lot of fabric, and good fabric, like silk and handmade lace, is expensive. That’s why many mass-market bridal brands favor cheap synthetics like polyester to help keep their costs down.
Choose a simpler dress made with higher-quality materials over something big and flashy made of lower-quality materials. A dress with a small amount of handmade lace will look much richer than one that is absolutely covered in the cheap stuff. And if you want that big, ball-gown look, but you can’t afford the high-quality materials needed to do it right, consider buying your dress secondhand. Once it is tailored to fit your body, the only way anyone will ever know you didn’t buy it new is if you tell them.

Right image via BHLDN

3. It’s too shiny.
I’m blind!
Choose matte fabrics. Very often, even an expensive, shiny white dress still ends up looking like it’s made out of sateen bedsheets, especially if it is a pure, bright white as opposed to a softer shade like ivory. And don’t go too crazy with the rhinestones either. When it comes to wedding dress sparkle, less is definitely more.

Right image via BHLDN

4. It kind of looks like a sexy bride Halloween costume.
If you want a sexy wedding dress, great. More power to you. Just understand that things like visible corsetry, lace-up backs (or fronts, for that matter), and extreme cleavage can make an otherwise sophisticated dress look, well, not.
Instead of choosing a dress with illusion paneling and a high slit and a plunging necklineand lingerie-inspired details, focus on just one of those things. Maybe two. It’s not that all those features together can’t look sophisticated; it’s just that they so often don’t, especially when you are shopping on a budget and don’t have the benefit of expert tailoring, fine fabrics, and high-quality embellishments to elevate the overall look.

Images via Getty, Zuhair Murad

5. Your breasts look like they’re being punished.
Don’t squash them down like that!
You want to look like you’ve been poured into your dress, not like you’re about to come pouring out of it. Luckily there are tailors and seamstresses to make it all better. Nothing is more important than a proper fit. Nothing.

Images via Getty, Pronovias

6. It’s got way too much going on.
Ruffles, bows, beading, three-dimensional lace, and gathered skirts held in place by giant rhinestone clips? All on the same dress? It’s too much. It just looks like you couldn’t make up your mind.
Don’t be afraid to focus on one main decorative statement across your entire dress or to let parts of your dress go unadorned, since doing so will make your whole look feel more balanced. And be extra careful with three-dimensional embellishments. If they are too bulky, they can start to look cheap and stuck on, no matter how much they cost.

Images via Getty, Pronovias

7. You decided to go strapless and now you keep hiking your dress up around your breasts.
That’s right, reaching your thumb into your bodice to pull your dress up makes your whole situation look cheap. Whether you are doing it because your dress actually doesn’t fit properly or because you’re just not used to the feeling of wearing a 30-pound strapless gown for 10 hours straight makes no difference.
If you wouldn’t wear a strapless dress on any other occasion, don’t wear one on your wedding. Straps help keep everything in place. They support you. Straps are your friends. Don’t you want your friends to be at your wedding? If the dress you like doesn’t come with straps, add them. You’ll be glad you did.

Images via Flickr, Monique Lhuillier

8. You went overboard on the accessories.
Most wedding dresses really don’t need much in the way of extra bits and pieces to complete the look, especially if they are already embellished, and few things cheapen a wedding look, or any outfit, faster than heavy-handed accessorizing.
Dial the jewelry back a bit and limit yourself to one attention-grabbing accessory at most.That means choosing either the jeweled belt or the tiara. Not both.

Right image via BHLDN

9. Two words: mullet dress.
It should go without saying, but high-low wedding dresses always look cheap. Always.
Pick a length. Do you want it long, or do you want it short? Either is fine. Just pick one.

Right image via Pronovias

10. You were going for “Disney princess” and ended up with “Gypsy bride.”
If you base your look on a cartoon, there is a very real possibility that you will wind up looking cartoonish.
If you are going to attempt to channel royalty on your wedding day, take a page from Kate Middleton’s playbook and keep it simple. Look for an A-line gown that flows smoothly out from your waist instead of puffing up and out, and limit yourself to just a few understated accessories, so that they don’t compete with the drama of the gown.

Hampden house wedding

The Hampden Arms

The day started for me in the local pub Humpden Arms where I captured groom Richard and his mates relaxing before the ceremony.

The Hampden House

Soon we moved to the Hampden house north from High Wycombe, where I had a small chat with registrar, I snapped few arriving and chatting guests and the beautiful bride Lisa arrived. The ceremony was in the great hall, which looks really amazing with all the wooden panelling, but lack of natural light proved to be a real challenge for me. Throughout the ceremony my movement was very restricted, so I felt really lucky I had a second photographer with me to cover the ceremony from the balcony with much less restricted movement, bringing rather unusual “aerial” views. After short ceremony followed even shorter group shoot, with only 7 groups on my to do list, so guest did not got too bored with posing, and few groom and bride portraits in quick succession. I had a chance to snap few quick pictures of mingling guests, the cake and decorated room, and everyone moved inside to be seated for the dinner.

The bride and groom cut the cake in the great hall straight after the speeches and moved into another room to perform rather wild first dance. I let them have a bit of fun on the dance floor and asked for more portraits back in the great hall, just to get most of the potential of beautiful Hampden House.

Lisa & Richard Wedding Photography

Wedding photography London, Berkshire, Slough, Windsor, Eton & nationwide

Kew Bridge Steam Museum wedding

Ealing Register Office

Today’s wedding did not started until 3pm and was last one at Ealing register office. I arrived early as I was a bit worried about travelling through summer storm. Luckily the god of traffic was kind to me and I arrived without any delay, unfortunately the weather man was not so kind to me, and I got soaked thoroughly once I was getting out of car and walking briskly into the register office. Not a great start to the day, it could only get better I thought ;o)

The Ceremony

The ceremony was rather short, as they all tend to be, quick group shots at the office stairs, some pictures of groom organizing a taxi to get guest to the steam museum… just to learn the taxi is not coming, so I kindly offered bride and groom a lift to the museum, so I doubled up as a wedding limo!

Kew Bridge Steam Museum

Once we arrived at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum I  immediately assembled my trusty Bowens flash to snap bride and groom’s portraits outside of the museum, with the iconic tower in the background. We were finished and moving slowly inside, once someone started the steam engine round the corner, with a lot of thick yellow smoke everywhere… so I could not miss this opportunity to get few more “atmospheric” pictures of Emily and David… and because of all the old stuff around and orange smoke we got some of my best wedding pictures. I used natural light not to spoil the vintage look.

The guest arrived at the venue in the meantime allowing me some ambient portraits as they were mingling. I could not resist to walk around with Bride and Groom around the museum and get more portraits with all the engines. Emily & David were excellent, very patient and happy to pose here and there for me, but also very natural I think.

Next point at my agenda was a steam engine train, running at the museum grounds, which was a great fun for the kids but also for grown-ups. Moving inside meant I was again struggling with lack of lights, especially as it was getting dark and this was not one of the sunniest days, which meant I had to start using my on camera flash quite soon.

The dinner was followed by speeches, cutting cake and first dance, and might assignment was over. I was very sorry to leave as the band was fantastic, just my cup of tea, I was just too tired to stay and enjoy the music. I’ll try to get a link to the band website if I can get it. And now, enjoy the pictures!

Marriott Hanbury Manor Hotel in Ware wedding

Marriott Hanbury Manor Hotel in Ware

Today’s wedding in Marriott Hanbury Manor Hotel in Ware ( was not an easy one for one rather unusual reason – it was just too hot ;o) It was probably the hottest day in British history, it felt like that to me anyway!

I started with pictures of bride Marie getting ready in her room, taking pictures of her dress, shoes and other accessories and the usual rush of all the girls getting ready. It was nice to see Stacey again as a brides maid, which I photographed her weeding almost exactly a year ago. Quick run down the stairs to photograph groom James at the bar and back upstairs to capture bride leaving her room.

The ceremony is in the hotel chapel, which is very bright and light, so I do not have to fight with poor light conditions. After the ceremony all the wedding guests leave to the courtyard, so the chapel can be prepared for group shots, as outside it is far too sunny. After many group portraits in the chapel we all move into the dining room and the dinner is served. I take the opportunity to photograph the venue in the meantime, to be back in time just for the speeches. The live music starts so after few minutes I leave with bride and groom to do our little loop round the venue to capture some beautiful portraits. I really loved the light at the old staircase, but also the ancient trees in the garden.

When we are finished I snap few pictures of quests mingling in the nice warm evening lights, then the bouquet is thrown and cake cut. The only event for me to photograph is the first dance.

And as a bonus have a look at video trailer from the day by Richard Knight –

I can highly recommend this videographer – Richard Knight – – never seen so professional wedding video man!

Claire & Karl in St Michael and St Mary Magdelene church in Easthampstead in Bracknell

Yesterday’s wedding of Claire & Karl in St Michael and St Mary Magdelene in Easthampstead in Bracknell was in very relaxed atmosphere, partly perhaps because I photographed wedding of Claire’s sister Katherine in Peebles in Scotland last year, and I knew most of the family and some of the guests.

The bride arrived at church in beautiful classic open top Daimler, and was led into the church by her grandfather. The interior of the church was very photogenic, but relatively dark making my photography job a bit challenging. The ceremony passed in no time, perhaps because of vicar with a good sense of humour? I really liked his story about couple sharing burger in McDonald’s, that made not only me smile ;o)

The ceremony was followed by quick group shoot outside of church and in few portraits with the car, and then swift move to the Birdshill Golf course on Drift Road, Hawthorn Hill in Maidenhead. We took the opportunity to snap few pictures in the car on the driveway and without any delay started with the dinner and speeches. After the dinner we had a few minutes window to take few formal portraits of bride and groom by willows and pond at the gol course. I managed to prepare the photobooth during the dinner, so we started with the studio shoot a little earlier, with a short break to cut the cake and photograph the first dance. The photobooth turned out to be so popular, that I did not stopped for over 3 hours – which I guess will be a record time for some time ;o)

Claire & Karl’s wedding tomorrow

Please wish me a good weather and a good light for tomorrow’s wedding of Claire & Karl, with ceremony in St Michael and St Mary Magdelene in Easthampstead in Bracknell and the party at lovely in Birdshill Golf course on Drift Road, Hawthorn Hill in Maidenhead.

Please wish me a good weather and a good light for tomorrow’s wedding of Claire & Karl, with ceremony in St Michael and St Mary Magdelene in Easthampstead in Bracknell and the party at lovely in Birdshill Golf course on Drift Road, Hawthorn Hill in Maidenhead.

My Wedding Photography Experience at Wallingford

Wedding photography is always special not only for me, but also for the bride and groom who desire to have masterpieces, which carry out their past memories and moments that have spent together. I try to capture the detailed wedding photographs and do not want to miss any crucial moment of the marriage. Smile, tear, hugs, make up, church scenes of bride and groom, group shots, separate photos of bride and groom in the garden, pictures of important guests on the wedding day—I try to capture all with clarity.

My Way of Working

Working since a pretty long time in this industry, I have attended many marriages and shot various types of images in different styles. I have traveled to various places in London and other parts of the UK for my photographic assignments. By nature, I am very friendly person and can easily mingle with the people. I make people feel relaxed while capturing their images. Everyone can view pictures immediately after they are taken. This I do to get the valuable feedback from guests about my pictures. This helps me to find some weak areas and improve myself in the field of wedding photography.

Recent Visit as a Professional Wedding Photographer

Recently, I shot wedding photography at a beautiful venue Spring hotel at Wallingford. I reached there early so that I could meet people and chat with the bride and groom to make them comfortable and get them ready for the shoot. It was busy morning when the groom was getting ready and bride having her make and hair done. I took the bride to the garden to snap some beautiful pictures. I captured group photos and a few staged photos during the event. It was amazing day for person like me who loves a very relaxed atmosphere. Couples loved my pictures and recommended me to some other couples.