Yesterday’s wedding of Claire & Karl in St Michael and St Mary Magdelene in Easthampstead in Bracknell was in very relaxed atmosphere, partly perhaps because I photographed wedding of Claire’s sister Katherine in Peebles in Scotland last year, and I knew most of the family and some of the guests.

The bride arrived at church in beautiful classic open top Daimler, and was led into the church by her grandfather. The interior of the church was very photogenic, but relatively dark making my photography job a bit challenging. The ceremony passed in no time, perhaps because of vicar with a good sense of humour? I really liked his story about couple sharing burger in McDonald’s, that made not only me smile ;o)

The ceremony was followed by quick group shoot outside of church and in few portraits with the car, and then swift move to the Birdshill Golf course on Drift Road, Hawthorn Hill in Maidenhead. We took the opportunity to snap few pictures in the car on the driveway and without any delay started with the dinner and speeches. After the dinner we had a few minutes window to take few formal portraits of bride and groom by willows and pond at the gol course. I managed to prepare the photobooth during the dinner, so we started with the studio shoot a little earlier, with a short break to cut the cake and photograph the first dance. The photobooth turned out to be so popular, that I did not stopped for over 3 hours – which I guess will be a record time for some time ;o)

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