Today’s wedding is at beautiful venue Spring hotel at Wallingford. I arrived quite early so bride was in a relaxed mood getting ready in her hotel room, whilst groom Rob was “getting ready” at the bar ;o) I quickly snapped few pictures at the bar and in bride’s room, but some of the other pictures did not go quite to plan as some of the guests were running late.

The ceremony was quite quick and easy, then we moved outside to do the group shots, and first complication of the day occurred – I could not open window wide enough to get the camera through the gap to take picture of all guests from the first floor window – so I had to take the camera apart, remove the flash, lens and assemble it outside of the window… it was a bit of stunt ;o)

I took the bride and groom for a walk into beautiful garden to snap few portraits, my friend and guest in one person Roberto was kindly carrying my flash around the garden. When captured few relaxed and few staged portraits the heavens opened and without any warning cats and dogs started to rain. I managed to snap few quick frames of bride running across garden, groom holding her train. What an unusual view!

Te rest of the day went smoothly and photo-booth proven to by my masterpiece again, much appreciated by all the guests.

Overall it was pretty relaxed wedding photography event, with few moments hard to be forgotten ;o)

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