Today’s wedding in Farnborough was a very special day for me as well as for the bride and groom. I knew the Hayley & Simon for years, and so most of the guests, which made my job much more enjoyable today. The weather was stunning, the church just round the corner from the venue which was newlyweds back garden, so at least from travelling and stress point of view this was one of the easiest weddings I ever did ;o)

I spent the first hour or so round bride’s house, snapping family & dress, tiara and bouquet, getting Hayley ready and letting guests that did not know me yet to get used to the camera. Hayley had her make-up done outside at patio which was great opportunity for some stunning pictures.

St Christopher’s church is light & bright so again, quite an easy job. Simon’s dad had amazing speech, that I’ll never forget. The church is very photogenic in my opinion.

The bride and groom decided not to have an all guest group shoot, so one less thing to worry about, instead they want me to capture the day as a reportage., which suits me well. In the busy garden there is plenty opportunities for snaps of guest mingling around, and I spent some time chatting with the guys I know for years too.

When it was about to get dark I set-up my photobooth in front of the garage, which was a bit unusual place but it worked well s it was a beautiful hot summer evening. This was the first time I used my “secret weapon” at the wedding, so I was a bit nervous how it will be accepted by guests. It proved to be immediate success, people really enjoyed the booth, I was really pleasantly surprised, every couple viewed their pictures on the camera screen so I got immediate feedback and they loved the pictures so spread the word and pulled in even the camera shy guests.

The day was amazing summer wedding, with very relaxed atmosphere, the couple loved the pictures so recommended me to few couples.

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