It somehow feels like every wedding is very special, not two are quite the same. For example today’s is in Peebles, in Scotland, in beautiful old Castle Venlaw I had to drive up to Scotland from London because of all the gear I use, so my wife kindly offered to drive up with me and share the driving.

Advantage of  driving the day before wedding is that I’m up and ready right in the morning, so I could snap quite a few pictures of the castle, have good look around the venue, capture guests relaxing at the bar or walking dogs… and photograph bride getting ready in the tower ;o)

The wedding is a civil ceremony, at the venue, so without any stress, all done quite quickly, followed by group portraits in one of the large halls.When are all the guest captured I took bride and groom outside to take few portrait at old rusty spiral staircase and back indoor to take few more pictures inside.

As usually, the dinner is followed by speeches, cutting  cake and first dance. And of course photo-booth.

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