I’m now offering recording and editing of short promotional videos.

My work examples:

Promo video for Redken with Jana Burdova

Music video of Zbyněk Humplík “Malá poznámka”


Promo video of Global Pack company – simulated travel tests

Shopping centre Olympia Teplice Xmas teaser

Video of  FOAM dance group, collaboration on camera & editing – Ladislav Bašek

Promo video for senator Hynek Hanza

experience Christmas at Zahradnictví Dvořák & syn – short advert

First part of a series by Jany Burdové for Redken

Jana Burdová – Proměny 2019 party

Slavnosti Modlanska – report

holiday in camp Borný, Máchovo Jezero

“Fun day” Modlany – evening

“Fun day” Modlany – morning

Olympia Teplice sports day

Freediving workshop video-report

Video-report Goulasch Party Modlany

Café Dvořák a syn Teplice advert spot

Event video “Sportovní fesťáček – Sports festival” for Olympia Teplice shopping centre

Promotional spot for Café Dvořák a Syn – ice cream making process

Documentary and music video “Song for Sinners” English band “The Sinners Lounge” – camera only, editting done by Yassen Martchev