Wedding photography is always special not only for me, but also for the bride and groom who desire to have masterpieces, which carry out their past memories and moments that have spent together. I try to capture the detailed wedding photographs and do not want to miss any crucial moment of the marriage. Smile, tear, hugs, make up, church scenes of bride and groom, group shots, separate photos of bride and groom in the garden, pictures of important guests on the wedding day—I try to capture all with clarity.

My Way of Working

Working since a pretty long time in this industry, I have attended many marriages and shot various types of images in different styles. I have traveled to various places in London and other parts of the UK for my photographic assignments. By nature, I am very friendly person and can easily mingle with the people. I make people feel relaxed while capturing their images. Everyone can view pictures immediately after they are taken. This I do to get the valuable feedback from guests about my pictures. This helps me to find some weak areas and improve myself in the field of wedding photography.

Recent Visit as a Professional Wedding Photographer

Recently, I shot wedding photography at a beautiful venue Spring hotel at Wallingford. I reached there early so that I could meet people and chat with the bride and groom to make them comfortable and get them ready for the shoot. It was busy morning when the groom was getting ready and bride having her make and hair done. I took the bride to the garden to snap some beautiful pictures. I captured group photos and a few staged photos during the event. It was amazing day for person like me who loves a very relaxed atmosphere. Couples loved my pictures and recommended me to some other couples.

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