Again, it looks like this is going to be a special day for 2 reasons – it is a New Year Eve and I photograph a wedding ;o)

Today the whole wedding is in beautiful venue XXX YYY. Right after I arrive I’m heading into bride’s suite to photograph her getting ready, when I’m done I’m rushing down to meet guys on bar having pint, than back upstairs and follow Nikki going down the corridors. The ceremony as such was quite short, with christmas tree on each side making unusual background. After the ceremony there is a quick group shoot and time for the wedding breakfast. Time to have some time off and have something to eat as well and no one likes to be photographed during dinner.

After the dinner, yes, you guessed it, is a photobooth. We had a small hiccup, the bride forgot the main prop – picture frame, so the brilliant and helpful hotel staff did one minute magic and took some diplomas out of frame and we had a prop!

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